Small business with a character and a style unique enough to impress!

We Care for our Work!

Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the production process, from the preliminary hand-drawn sketches to the after sales support.

We focus on using the latest web standards and practices regarding development and strongly encourage our customers to follow us on this.

Service Offerings

We provide a full spectrum of custom software services, with a focus on web and mobile application development. Our offerings cover all stages of the software development life cycle: from business analysis, design, and prototyping to the actual development, quality assurance, and post-project maintenance and support.

MEET OUR TEAM...they are always up to something good!

M.Umar Farooq
Web Manager / Developer
Haroon Rafique
Graphic Designer
Nauman Altaf
Software Developer
Naveed Zafar
Application / Game Developer