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XenMac Technology is a Certified Software Development Company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective IT outsourcing services. Our rich and varied experience of 10 years and stringent quality standards ensure us to develop software solutions that give your business an edge over competitors.
Our global software outsourcing model ensures we deliver a maximum targeted result to YOU. We serve clientele across the globe with offices in UK, Australia, and Development Center in the UK and Pakistan. We specialize in solving complex business challenges using thought process and information technology, and so far we have successfully completed 800+ projects with 70+ SMEs and Fortune 50 companies.

Services We Offer

Our end-to-end software development services offering is backed by our 16 years of experience, standard processes, quality assurance and expertise in multiple technologies.

Web Application Development

Do we jot client?s ideas, use our expertise, remove clunky process and make an easier web application.

Software Product Development

We provide complete product development and maintenance service from Product Usability, Design and Development services, and Product Re-Engineering services.

Application Migration & Re-engineering

Our application migration and re-engineering service helps in upgrading and developing a legacy system.

Client - Server Application Development

Our service includes full life cycle database management service to allow our clients to communicate, exchange data and do business in a safe environment.

On-Premise and Cloud Application Development

We carefully develop and deploy applications following security, capacity and integration with on-premise as well as cloud application development

Mobile Apps Development

As an expert Software Consulting Company, we expertise in mobile apps development across all the platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Application Development

In today’s dynamic and fast-changing world, every company wishes to stay ahead or at least on par with its competitors. This is possible only if the businesses have the right strategies and systems in place. Custom software applications automate and streamline the processes in an organization, thus saving a huge amount of time and cost while increasing efficiency.

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Enterprise Application Integration

Our expertise in SharePoint Development and BizTalk Development enables the organization to leverage the existing IT infrastructure without making multiple changes in applications or data structures. We offer services like application integration, EDI, business process management, SOA, and others.

Application Outsourcing

Our application outsourcing services enable organizations to focus on their core competencies rather than worrying about software development and project management. We also offer a Dedicated Development Centre which allows organizations to get access to a large pool of multi-disciplinary software developers and other IT professionals, at a low cost.

Business Intelligence

Businesses are facing challenges related to consolidating and analyzing the Big Data generated from heterogeneous systems. We offer end-to-end Business Intelligence consulting and implementation services, which helps organizations gain valuable business insights.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sometimes an off-the-shelf CRM may not serve the purpose for a particular business or industry due to multiple reasons. To address this issue, we develop custom CRM solution that fully meets the client’s requirements and business objectives.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

With a large amount of business content being generated from multiple sources, managing the same has become a complicated and costly affair. Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services enable an organization with a holistic approach to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

Enterprise Mobility

Mobility has phenomenally changed the way businesses operate these days. It is now an inseparable part of every organization’s strategy. We help organizations achieve their mobility objectives with our extensive experience of enterprise mobile apps development across all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Node.JS.

Enterprise Application Development

Large sized enterprises with multiple locations, departments, people and systems, have been facing challenges like collaboration, real-time exchange of information, and workflow management. There is a pressing need to develop enterprise solutions which can bring different systems, processes, data, and people on the same platform.

At XenMac, we understand these challenges and thus offer Enterprise Application Development solutions specifically developed to meet business requirements. We offer end to end services, right from consulting, requirement analysis, strategizing, creating the model, development, integration, quality assurance, and maintenance. We have successfully developed enterprise solutions, like ERP, CRM, Enterprise Mobile Application Development, BI Solutions, Enterprise Content Management, and others.

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IOS Development

Android Development

Windows Development

Hybrid Development

Mobile Application Development Company

Mobile technology has changed everybody’s life to a great extent. For companies, it facilitates wider and unparalleled reach to the target audience, enhances the service standards, better cooperation and communication among employees and also supports business transformation opportunities within an enterprise. Enterprise Mobility adds liquidity to stationary enterprise processes, thus enhancing the global reach. Developing enterprise mobile apps is now an essential component of every enterprise strategy.

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Framework Development

We use different frameworks to build the website. Its depend on the website and the client. We work on different frameworks i.e. Laravel, Nodejs, CodeIgniter and Zend

WordPress Development

It’s a popular platform for a reason: it’s user friendly, functional and has lots of existing plugins. Our developers have built many websites using WordPress, and will build your site the way you want it.

Joomla Development

We’ve worked with Joomla since 2012 and we’re genuine specialists. Joomla is an open source CMS that is user-friendly and mobile-ready. We develop, design, support and train in all versions of Joomla.

Magneto Development

We’ll help you sell more. Our developers are experts in Magento, the world’s #1 commerce platform. We develop advanced functionality and plug-ins that make anything possible. Become a leader in the online marketplace.

HTML5 Web Development

XenMac HTML5 Web Development Services can deliver and deploy a complete HTML5 solution into your business environment that is optimized for high performance with quick loading times, scalable and responsive and able to handle any increases in visitor traffic. Our expert HTML5 web developers provide the best user experience possible by extending your sites reliability, manageability and security

Website Development

We work closely with enterprise level customers to create outstanding high performing and secure custom websites with a focus on unique, professional web design. Whatever your project requires, Appnovation has the tools and experience to ensure that your goals are not only met, but exceeded.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increase the organic traffic to your site from search engines. XenMac will deliver an all-encompassed, professional and bespoke SEO service that’s right for your business and sees measurable results.

Competitive Analysis

Before devising your digital marketing strategy we’ll complete a full analysis of your online competitors, identifying where their strengths lie, how they market their business and which audiences they are targeting.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We’ll advertise your business online through Pay-Per-Click marketing, ensuring adverts are publicized in the right places, at the right times and to the right people, in order to build effective brand awareness and business leads.

Social Media

Become more active on social media. XenMac can provide an integrated social media strategy for your business that delivers online visibility, brand awareness, direct promotion, and customer relationship building.

Content Marketing

We create and market quality, informative and well-structured content that engages website visitors demonstrates authority in your industry and helps generate a higher return on investment.

UX Design

Enhance the user experience through effective design. We optimize websites and apps through tested design to improve usability and accessibility to give users a seamless experience when they interact with you online.

Digital Marketing

We use these services to identify and engage our client’s target audience in order to convert leads into sales. Every action is made through considered metrics to ensure the best return on investment for our clients. We have proven that a combined approach, which utilizes all these digital marketing services substantially increases online traffic.

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Mobile App Testing Services

Mobility is a critical part of every organization’s strategy. Often functional defects or poor user experience forbids its usage. XenMac is all equipped to deal with the device complexities and handle users query by mobile testing expertise. We have successfully helped enterprises to deploy their products across mobile devices. Our QA team makes sure every user gets a seamless experience across all devices.

Manual Testing

XenMac offers various comprehensive manual testing services to ensure that the final release meets the quality standards. Our team performs testing at every phase, detects the errors and track them to ensure their closure before the final product delivery.

Performance Testing Services

Website/application crash is a most concerned issue which results in site abandonment. XenMac performance testing services make the product to withstand the extensive load. Our dedicated QA team has expertise in the testing system across a high volume in complex applications. The applications will be thoroughly optimized with our software testing approach performing well during the peak loads.

Test Automation Services

Test Automation helps the organizations to improve their product delivery efficiency, extends wide test coverage and forbids repetitive manual testing time. At XenMac, our software testing methodologies include in-house automation tools and frameworks to ensure product behave consistently while going through one build to another.

Testing and QA

It is critical for businesses to adapt to the dynamic changes in market and technology evolution, with regularly upgraded software applications. The success of an application is not solely dependent on development, but also on Quality. No matter how intuitively a software is designed and functionalities made simple if there are technical hitches it hinders the usability.

Therefore it is mandatory to conduct continuous software testing and quality assure of the application to assure flawless user experience, smooth operation, and meet the overall quality aspects of a system.

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Animation Video Production

XenMac Videos are experts at creating animated videos that deliver your message in a clear yet entertaining way.

Branded Content Video Production

We understand the importance of your video marketing delivering results. In a world where consumers are saturated with ads and the use of Ad blockers is rife, Branded Content is a great way to cut through the noise.

Conference Video Production

The XenMac team have been filming conferences in London for over 5 years. We have also traveled Europe covering conferences for some of the world’s largest brands and along the way we have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge about the kind of shots that work well and will end up in the edit.

Event Video Production

We have been filming events for over a decade and have become specialists in using the minimal crew to maximum effect.

Promotional Videos Production

Promotional videos are a fantastic way to target a specific audience and instantly engage them. Promo videos produced by XenMac are visually stimulating, memorable and highly effective.

Photography and Video Making

It is critical for businesses to adapt to the dynamic changes in market and technology evolution, with regularly upgraded software applications. The success of an application is not solely dependent on development, but also on Quality. No matter how intuitively a software is designed and functionalities made simple if there are technical hitches it hinders the usability.

Therefore it is mandatory to conduct continuous software testing and quality assure of the application to assure flawless user experience, smooth operation, and meet the overall quality aspects of a system.

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